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Dear Parents and Carers

Ofsted Parent view


This page of our website asks you to give your thoughts on our school on the Parent View website established by Ofsted. There are three reasons for this:


1. We are continually trying to improve and part of this is listening to your views as parents. We know from our annual parent survey that the overwhelming response to what we provide is very positive. We would like this to be reflected in the views that Ofsted consider prior to inspection.


2. Ofsted is promoting the use of Parent View. They say; Where Headteachers have engaged parents in Parent View they get a comprehensive picture of what parents think. Our inspection evidence suggests that the majority of parents and carers are positive about their child’s school and the more responses a school receives the less the impact of any ‘rogue’ results. We are therefore encouraging schools to promote Parent View with their parents through their own sites


I am therefore asking you to take a few moments to complete the 12 Parent View questions. To make things easier we have prepared a simple set of instructions:

How to use Parent View

1. Go to Parent View by clicking on http://parentview.ofsted.gov.uk  

2. Register using your e-mail address.


3. You will be sent a password by e-mail.

4. Log in to Parent View using your e-mail address and the password they sent you

5. Click on ‘give your views’ on the tool bar near the top of the screen.

6. To find us enter Ashmount School with the address Thorpe Hill, Loughborough. Then click on the correct school.

7. There is a question to answer about your use of Parent View then 2 boxes to tick.

8. You will now be asked 12 questions, one at a time. You make a response from ‘strongly agree’ to ‘don’t know’ by ticking boxes. These are very similar to the questions in our annual summer parent questionnaire.


9. Submit your answers.  You can update these at any time in the future and have previous responses over written.

10. Thank you for helping the school by adding your responses to Parent View – this will be very useful for us.

We can help you with any step in the process or demonstrate how to use Parent View but, obviously, we cannot help with answers!