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PSHE is delivered at Ashmount School by all class teachers. Given the scope of PSHE and Citizenship the scheme of work covers both formal teaching of particular skills and broader areas that can be focused on across the whole curriculum. PSHEC may be taught as a discreet subject in classes or small groups where appropriate. Skills in this area will be promoted throughout the school day and are particularly relevant during informal times. Social skills will be encouraged at break and lunch times, as will personal care routines, good eating habits and healthy physical activities. 

Throughout the school healthy living is promoted and encouraged. In the Early Years aspects of PSHE are experienced and explored through play and informal social activities. Progress is assessed and recorded in each child’s Learning Journey.

In Key stages 1 and 2, PSHE lessons are delivered in small groups following themes such as “Me and my Family”, “People who help us” and “Life Cycles”, as well as “Healthy Living”. These are outlined in the department mid-term plans. Emotional literacy, self-awareness and positive social interaction are key features of the work.

In Key Stage 3, PHSE follows the EQUALs scheme of work. We present Sex and Relationships Education at a level appropriate to each student. Work on Emotional literacy, self-awareness and positive social interaction continues through Key Stage 3, as does self-advocacy. We make full use of computer programmes and the Internet to promote interaction and discussion, and to engage all children in the PSHE curriculum.

In Key Stages 4 and 5, there is more learning for life. PSHE is delivered through the ASDAN schemes of work. Students have lessons about self-advocacy, relationships, drug awareness and healthy choices for life. Accreditation takes place through ASDAN and is externally validated.


One of the main aims in PSHE throughout the school is to develop confidence and responsibility, building skills in developing and maintaining good relationships and preparing students to play active roles as citizens.