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Ashmount named as winners at the Charnwood Sports Awards 2022!

We are delighted to announce that Ashmount has been named winners of the 'Let's Get Moving School Sports' Award in this year's Charnwood Sports Awards.


The award is for primary, secondary and special schools that have achieved and can demonstrate increasing participation in sport and physical activity and creating opportunities for all across the school to be active. Nominees were required to demonstrate that they engage with community sport and create strong links with local clubs.


This year has seen children and young people at Ashmount engage in even more recreational and competitive sports events and physical activities than ever before.



The school has arranged for a yoga specialist to come into school to work with individuals and small groups of children on their well-being, regulating their emotions in addition to strengthening their core strength. The yoga sessions have also encouraged children to relax and self-regulate.


10 staff ambassadors were chosen to attend a Yoga & Wellbeing for Children With Special Needs Training course. The allocated staff received trained to support children in school with their well-being and physical skills through yoga, massage and breath control. Children from across the school have benefitted from the support of a yoga timetable delivered by a trained yoga instructor.



All of our teachers received a swimming accreditation based on the Fundamentals of swimming which provided them with a valuable insight into the teaching of swimming and enabled them support the children to progress through the accredited swimming badges. Swimming training was provided by Swim England for all of the teachers across school to provide quality swimming resources to support the teaching of lessons in school.



Pupils have been given access to a range of lunchtime clubs to promote children’s physical activity outside their PE lessons. External providers have been commissioned to lead a weekly sport club based on the competitions in the special school calendar and the interests of the children. Children have a voice and can choose sports that interest them and so promoting more physical exercise.


External providers were commissioned to lead a weekly dance club based on various types of dance that suit the interests of the children. A focus group promoted physical exercise for girls as well as offering an additional dance club for mixed ability boys and girls to encourage them to be more physically active in school.



The school became the first to develop a programme of ‘Bikeability’ and ‘Balance Bikeability’ for over 70 children to learn to ride a bike, understand cycling proficiency and bike maintenance. Where appropriate, students were taught to ride a bicycle/balance bike safely in order to improve their fitness and independence. Professional trainers provided the children with suitable equipment and advised the school on adaptions that can be made for students with SEN. Children who struggle with team sports and playing traditional sports were able to develop a skill which will enable them to keep fit beyond the school day. Children capable of learning road safety on a bicycle were able to complete a course to enable them to safely ride on the road.


An increasing number of students have engaged in an expanding range of physical activities in school and out of hours, including boccia, kurling, Aqua Splash, gymnastics, Sportability, MATP, Sports hall athletics and outdoor athletics.


Young coaches

Older students are given the opportunity to support at the younger children’s festivals. They are able to volunteer to help with formal station activities, equipment distribution and leading warm up activities.



The school has continued to maintain close links with the Riding for the Disabled Association. Our students were the first in the country to begin riding again as Covid restrictions were reduced, and every week approximately 6 secondary aged students ride at the local stables, resulting in many students taking up the activity outside of school. 


Sports Days

All of our students were encouraged to take part in our Primary and Secondary aged Sports Days in the summer, watched by the largest numbers of family members that the school has every experienced.


Platinum Sports Mark Winners

Pupils have consistently achieved the highest standards of personal progress in school sport for several years, resulting in the school being awarded the Platinum Sports Mark in 2021/22. 


(Pictured, from left to right, are Teacher Richard Green, Teacher and PE Subject Leader Aimee Merison, Assistant Headteacher Claire Malpas and Headteacher David Deacon collecting our award at the celebration event.