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Ashmount volunteer receives recognition at Charnwood Heroes Awards 2018

On Saturday 29th September 2018, Charnwood celebrated the important role that volunteers play within our local community by holding the annual Charnwood Community Heroes.


We are extremely fortunate to receive support from a large number of very dedicated volunteers throughout the school year, and so it is always difficult to highlight specific volunteers for recognition. However, volunteer Shaun Crate is, without doubt, one of the most inspirational individuals to volunteer in our school to date.


Shaun started volunteering at Ashmount approximately three years ago for a day a week. This has steadily increased to the point where he now volunteers in our school for three days every week.


Shaun has supported pupils with special educational needs of all ages and abilities across our Primary Department, including English and Maths sessions; swimming and PE sessions; and all of the foundation subjects, as well as supporting groups on educational visits.


Shaun works alongside support staff at lunchtimes to help our pupils with the most profound and multiple learning difficulties to develop their fine and gross motor skills, and to develop their interaction and engagement skills.


What is perhaps most inspirational is the fact that Shaun has cerebral palsy and so has his only challenges to overcome when providing support to our pupils. This means that he is not always as quick as he would like to be in getting around school and that he sometimes has to repeat himself to make himself properly understood.


In Shaun’s own words, ‘You have two choices: you can sit back feeling sorry for yourself, or you can put a smile on your face and get on with it’.


It is no surprise that some of our students who have physical disabilities feel comfortable in asking Shaun personal questions about the challenges he faces.


We would like to congratulate Shaun for being recognised for his efforts by being presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by Councillor Christine Harris, Mayor of Charnwood.


Shaun received further recognition on the day by being presented with the Harry Cook Award, given in recognition of his dedication and commitment to volunteering at Ashmount School and the difference he makes to the lives of pupils and staff.


Congratulations, Shaun!