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Chair of Governors' Summer Term Blog

Every year the end of the summer term arrives more quickly than I expected—but this year, at least I can say 'summer' without having to apologise for the weather! It was lovely to see so many parents supporting our sports days, and being quite happy to stand close to the water events in the hope of getting cooled down!


It has also been a bumper year for school trips and successful sporting events at Ashmount. Congratulations to all our super sporting students, and I'm so pleased that so many trips could be enjoyed in appropriate weather, with umbrellas only needed as sun shades! A special mention must be made of the extended trip to Northern Ireland, which required much organisation and reliance on correct ferry timetables, but which was a huge success, and the overnight under canvas Scout weekend - many thanks to all the staff who organised and led these adventures!


Governors are so appreciative of the way our staff and volunteers never seem to tire of supporting our students in extending their life experiences outside the classroom. Every year produces some new and exciting initiative, and I can't finish without mentioning the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Day, in which school was transformed into a Roald Dahl world, with complex needs pupils from across the county having a wonderful day exploring and participating in chocolate making, fizzy drink production and other weird and wonderful events too numerous to mention, supported by staff in magnificent costumes and make up! The prize must go to our Headteacher in a full Willy Wonka outfit. Another end to a very productive year at Ashmount, and the Governors send congratulations and thanks to all who have worked so hard to make it just that.


I wish you all a very relaxing, contented and sunny summer, and send all our leavers our very best wishes for success and happiness in the future . I look forward to seeing everyone else back in August, ready to work towards the next successful year at Ashmount!


Happy holidays!

Jean Lewis

Chair of Governors