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Message from our Chair of Governors

What a great term it's been for Ashmount, bringing to an end a very successful year!


Governors have been kept on their toes trying to attend all the celebratory events, both in school and elsewhere, featuring the successes of our pupils. We've had Sports Days, various school and class outings, Fete days, Charity football matches, and then awards such as the Platinum Arts Mark, as well as articles in the Parliamentary Review.  It's seemed non-stop this term—and many, many congratulations to all who participated in, or organised these events and awards, both pupils and staff, plus parents and volunteers. Thank you everyone, most sincerely, for all your help in making our school such a vibrant, ever-achieving place. The Ashmount school ‘family’ would not be so successful and varied a community, without the combined input of all our supporters, in whatever capacity.


Even when people give up official positions, we still see them returning in a voluntary capacity to assist in things like the Friends of Ashmount fete - and I'd love to know how we managed to have enough boiling sunshine to melt the chocolate raffle prizes, before the downpours began again in the wet section of this summer! Sometimes, we have to rely on luck!


Governors would like to wish all our leavers the very best for their futures, wherever they are progressing to in the Autumn—but before that I hope that they, and all of you, have a restful (and sunny) holiday, and come back in September to do it all again with even more success, results and opportunities for all our pupils.


Jean Lewis


Chair of Governors