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Message from our Chair of Governors

The Autumn term has flown past as usual, although it is always the longest and busiest period in school. It seems such a long time since the summer holidays, but suddenly here we are rushing round preparing for Christmas. I do hope you are enjoying the festive events that our pupils and staff have produced for us - it's not Christmas for me unless I've had at least four lunches, three Carol services and two Nativity plays! Congratulations to everyone involved in the variety of Ashmount celebration events which, every year, get better and better.


The Governors this term have been looking at developments to playground equipment and facilities to better provide for the ever growing school. In fact, work has already begun on a new gazebo and seating area in the primary playground. Hopefully more is to follow.


We have also been raising awareness of the possible changes to transport provision for post-16 and nursery age pupils—a consultation closes on December 21st, and we would urge parents to give serious consideration to responding to this consultation. Even if your children are not within this age range, it could still affect you in the future - so make sure you have your say!


And finally, congratulations to all those in school for the many awards which we have entered and been recognised for this term. Sporting awards, teaching awards, community awards—Ashmount has figured in them all—well done to everyone!


Happy Christmas to you all—pupils, staff and parents. Enjoy a relaxing holiday, and come back in the New Year to help Ashmount make 2018 an even more successful year!


Jean Lewis 

Chair of Governors